GE Monogram Refrigerators
The best refrigerator brands are those that are able to provide their customers with high quality refrigerators that are high performing, durable and cost efficient. When I say cost efficient, I am not saying that they should be cheap.  Instead, they should be worth what the customer is paying for them, by providing refrigerators that gives them the best value for their money.

Often times I read about some popular refrigerator brands which are supposed to be the best in the market and the consumers are disappointed at them because their refrigerator units are so expensive yet not even as durable as their more affordable counterparts. While it is okay to spend good money on a refrigerator, it should at least be everything that a customer would want.

There are some brands which are able to deliver true customer satisfaction. One such brand is GE which is one of the pioneering brands in the production of high quality refrigerators. GE monogram refrigerator units are very efficient, durable and stylish. They also provide refrigerator units for all users in different walks of life. However, no matter the price, they make sure that each unit is cost efficient.

In fact, in their refrigerators, the only difference between the cheap units and the expensive units are the different features and amenities and the designs used. Of course, with cheaper units only simple and basic functions and features are included while the high end refrigerators would be equipped with the latest and most high tech innovations and features. However, quality wise, they are of the same standards.

Aside from having high quality refrigerators, many customers purchase GE refrigerators because they are more customer friendly than the other units. For example, other brands don't easily produce available replacement parts for their units but GE refrigerator parts are easily available for their users.

Sizes of Refrigerators
Refrigerators are offered in different sizes and dimensions. This post will address the different options available to consumers.

Mini Refrigerator Sizes

There are mini or compact units such as the under counter refrigerators which have small refrigerator dimensions. The small size can be advantageous since it allows the user to fit them in small areas in the kitchen such as under the kitchen counter or bar. They can also be used in the bedroom since they don't take up so much space anyway. However, these units only have very minimal storage space so they are only ideal as complimentary or second refrigerator units in a large household, or they can be used by those who live alone in studio type apartments or college dormitories.

Standard Sized Refrigerators

There are also standard sized refrigerators which are commonly used in small to mid sized households. These units are more popular since they are the units commonly found in most average kitchens. Their fridge and freezer compartments are big enough to store food items and beverages that would be enough for 4 to 8 people so most average families use them.

Large Refrigerators by Size

The next size of domestic refrigerators is the large sized units. This includes units such as the side by side refrigerator or the bottom-freezer type. These units are a bit larger in terms of width and depth compared to the regular refrigerator especially in the freezer compartment. These are commonly used by large families who have large kitchen space.

There are many bands and companies which produce these different types of refrigerator dimensions. Some are very popular for manufacturing the compact units while some are known for producing the standard and large sized units. Sub Zero which is considered as one of the top brands in the market today, specialize in manufacturing built-in refrigerators. These Sub Zero refrigerators have cabinet-depth dimensions which sets them aside from other units.

Refrigerators from Frigidaire
Frigidaire is one of the top appliance brands in the US and even in the international market too. They manufacture different types of kitchen appliances from stoves to dishwashers, but of course, they are more popular for their refrigerators.

Frigidaire refrigerators are not just highly functional but they are very stylish too. They have been in the market for over a long time so you can only expect the best refrigerators from them. Frigidaire refrigerators are head and shoulders with other top brands of refrigerators because all their units are of high quality, high dependability and high reliability. Frigidaire uses the best equipment and parts for their refrigerators so that they can function well and can last for a long time with less damage and less need for repairs. Feature wise, they are very innovative bringing new and high tech add-ons to their refrigerators that make them more effective in the kitchen. They include convenient features such frost-free systems that saves time and effort of the user.

Frigidaire offers different types of refrigerators. You can choose among different sizes and dimensions, different colors, and even different adjustable shelves. They have such a wide variety of refrigerators to choose from that any costumer would be able to find one that would cater to their needs.

Aside from those classifications, you can also choose your Frigidaire refrigerator based on the product type. Frigidaire offers standard freestanding outright refrigerators but they also have other products like side-by-side refrigerators, under counter fridges, refrigerators with bottom freezer, beverage centers, freezerless refrigerators and many others. Each of these product types are designed as to cater to specific consumer needs.

Freezerless refrigerators for example, may come handy for many food service businesses. Like the name suggest, these refrigerators do not have a freezer compartment, instead, it is a stand-alone fridge. Not all food items require freezing so it might be important to have a refrigerator that has a bigger fridge storage, which a freezerless refrigerator provides. Some foods like fruits and vegetables needs to be kept in low temperature in order to prolong their life span, however, freezing them would also destroy their texture and taste. Therefore, it is important to keep them refrigerated but not frozen.  

There are more advantages to freezerless refrigerators. Because they are freezerless, they use less energy, thus limiting electricity use. This can make a big difference in your electricity bill since freezers take up more energy in order to function. Freezerless refrigerators are ideal for keeping fresh food items in bulk. They have adjustable shelves instead of built-in compartments so that you can utilize the space as necessary, even putting in full pan sizes and keeping food items such as multi-layered cakes and others.

For more information on purchasing refrigerators from Frigidaire and other major manufacturers please visit Fridge Freezer site.


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